1. President Board
  2. President
  3. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  4. Vice President for General Administration
  5. Vice President for…………
  6. Vice President for………………
  7. President Office

The President Office consists of a General Administrative Office, A Financial Office, An Academic Affairs Office, An Audit Office, An Organization and Personnel Office, A Student affairs Office, An Accommodation and Service Office, An International Relations Office, A Science and Academic Service Office, A Library, An IT center, A Lao-Korea Business Incubating Center, and A Confucius institute.

  • There are 6 faculties:
  1. Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Resources

The faculty is composed 5 bachelor degree programmes:

  • Plant Science
  • Animal Science
  • Forest Resources
  • Food Science Technology
  • Eco-Tourism
  1. Faculty of Economics and Tourism

The faculty is composed 7 bachelor degree programmes:

  • Tourism Management
  • IT business Management
  • International Business Management
  • Economics
  • General Business Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Hospitalities
  1. Faculty of Languages

The faculty is composed 6 bachelor degree programmes:

  • General Lao language
  • General English
  • Mass Communication
  • General Korean Language
  • General Chinese Language
  • General Vietnamese Language
  1. Faculty of Education

The faculty is composed 6 bachelor degree programmes:

  • Teaching of English
  • Teaching of Lao Literature
  • Teaching of Mathematics
  • Teaching of Physics
  • Teaching of Political Science
  • Teaching of Chemistry
  1. Faculty of Architecture

The faculty is composed 3 bachelor degree programmes:

  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Architecture Management
  1. Faculty of Engineering

The faculty is composed 4 bachelor degree programmes:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Technology Logistic Engineering
  1. Structure of Personnel
  2. The university council consists of one Chairman, one vice chairman (president) and 24 members.
  3. Administration committee consists of the president as a chairman, a vice president for general administration as a vice chairman and 19 members.
  4. Academic committee consists of the president as a chairman, a vice president for academic affairs as a vice chairman and 19 members.
  5. Executive positions are composed of one president, two vice presidents (responsible for administration and academic affairs)

In addition, deans, deputy deans, heads and deputy heads of departments, office directors and deputy directors, library director, IT center director, and some teachers and officers are included.

At the same time, the university has a politic system, which is made up of 5 Party units, and 3 mass organizations including Lao Federation of Trade Union, Lao Youth Union and Lao Women’s Union. These organizations take the lead in carrying out political performances aiming at achieving the vision, strategies and the 5-year plan (2016-2020) of the university