The Presentation ceremony of the Project on Education and Modeling in Administrative Strengthening Work on 28th January 2022, from 9:00-16:00 at Souphanouvong University, Luang Prabang. Click to view:

On the morning of 30th July 2021 (Friday), an equipment handover ceremony from EU-Forheal Project to Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Resources was presided over by the vice president of Souphanouvong University, Mr. Sianouvong SAVATHVONG, and the representative of the European Union Office, Mr. Framcois PRAVONGVEINGKHAM, and 30 participants included the vice presidents, the deans, office directors, directors of departments and officers.

The celebration of President Souphanouvong’s 112th birthday, National Fish release, and Conservation Day (13th July 1909 – 13th July 2021) at Souphanouvong University. In the ceremony, the fish were released into the pond within the University.