ENCORE will develop and implement a series of activities geared towards Analysis, Training and Networking to support HEIs in Bhutan, Lao PDR and Nepal.

  • Study Visitsby Southeast Asian partners to EU partner institutions. A National Report on the status of entrepreneurship efforts will be produced for each country, and it is available on the project website.
  • In-depth empirical study and analysis of 
entrepreneurship development and education in partner countries, and the findings analysis will be published as a report available on the project website.

  • Module 1 “Introduction to entrepreneurship & identifying entrepreneurship opportunities” on date tbc in country tbc, hosted by institution tbc.
  • Module 2 “Business model and planning for innovation”, date tbc in country tbc, hosted by institution tbc.
  • Module 3 “Impact assessment and sustainability for entrepreneurs” date tbc in country tbc, hosted by institution tbc.
  • Module 4 “How to implement a training center (entrepreneurship knowledge canters) and EACEA tendering procedures” date tbc in country tbc, hosted by institution tbc.

Regional Training Sessions

Regional training between December 2021 and March 2022 (M11-M14) in:

  • Bhutan: Royal University of Bhutan. Main topics tbc; Royal Thimphu College. Main topics tbc.
  • Lao PDR: Souphanouvong University. Main topics tbc; National University of Laos. Main topics tbc.

Nepal: Tribhuvan University. Main topics tbc; Global College International. Main topics tbc

The Social Entrepreneurship Knowledge Centers (EKC) focuses on Research, Development and Innovation on entrepreneurship in higher education institutions in each partner.  The Network will organize the following events:

  • Official Integration of the knowledge centers for training and research on entrepreneurship in November 2021- February 2022 (M10-M13).
  • Operation, business, marketing and sustainability plan and definition of the liaisons (M13-M19)
  • Operation of the entrepreneurship knowledge centers to foster vocational education and research (EKCs) (M20 – M36)

The EKCs will open a social space for innovation entrepreneurs to share experiences, challenges and meeting with the trainers to get deeper contact for effective cooperation to build a better entrepreneurship status in each partner center.