ENCORE – Entrepreneurship Knowledge Centers to Foster Innovative Entrepreneurship Practices in Education and Research” is a three year Erasmus+ Capacity Building project co-financed by the European Commission which aims at supporting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Bhutan, Laos and Nepal in strengthening their capacities and regional cooperation by integrating advanced learning tools for the ability to identify, create and disruptive business ideas into existing academic structures, while strengthening the university-business collaboration through participatory schemes on a local and regional level and aims to improve and enhance existing entrepreneurship practices and promote innovative ideas.

Promoting entrepreneurship education, the creation of an entrepreneurial mind set and disruptive business development at HEIs in Bhutan, Nepal and Lao PDR to benefit from sustainable and professional business development on a local, national and regional level:

  • Enhancing the university-business cooperationin the field of entrepreneurship to foster the concept and idea of business development.
  • Fostering innovative entrepreneurship by including established entrepreneurs in student-business learning activities.

Internationalization of higher education institutions and international cooperation in research and capacity building.

  • To strengthen and establish entrepreneurship knowledge centers(EKCs) in each HEIs in Bhutan, Nepal and Lao PDR.
  • Enhancing the cooperation of HE-Enterprise and students learning experience by developing Innovative Entrepreneurship Case studies.
  • Promoting greater access to high quality educational materials and extending networks in entrepreneurship innovation in national & international by joint publications and organizing the International Conference.

National Authorities, Private Sector and Society in general benefit from training and cooperation with higher education