international relations

International Relations Office

International Relations Office “IRO in brief” is administrative system reporting to the leadership board of the university regarding to foreign affairs. It is the focal point in coordinating with faculties, offices and departments within the university and relevant organisations.


  • Educate staff within the office on political ideology, dispositions and rules of laws;
  • Develop sort-term and long-term action plans and projects based on the university’s policies, decisions, orders and suggestions;
  • Accumulate project information and monitor, inspect, and evaluate the international collaborations from faculties;
  • Promote academic cooperation in line with the international relations policies and social-economic growth;
  • Manage international cooperation information for the purpose of monitoring, inspecting and evaluating;
  • Manage international experts, volunteers and students;
  • Disseminate the results of international collaboration to society through seminars and training;
  • Develop revenue plans, and plans for utilising budgets, equipment, buildings and vehicles under its management;
  • Accumulate and report international collaboration project operation of faculties to the university leadership board and organisations concerned when required;
  • Collaborate with offices, faculties and departments within the university and relevant organisations;
  • And perform other activities assigned by the university high management.


  • Summarise and report international relations activities of the university to the ministries and departments concerned periodically;
  • Develop and propose staff development plans- exchange academic cooperation and international expert, volunteer and student management experiences;
  • Develop and propose cooperative plans with sections in-house and abroad.
  • Implement staff welfare policies based on the rules and regulations;
  • And perform other rights assigned by the university high management.

Organization Structure

  • Division of international Cooperation;
  • Division of international expert and student management;
  • Division of administration and ordinance.

Personnel Structure

The International Relations Office is composed of 1 director and 2 deputy directors, division heads, section heads and officers.

The Director’s and Deputy Directors’ Responsibilities and Rights

  • The director is responsible for duties indicated in articles 3 and 4 of the term of reference of the office;
  • The deputy directors substitute the director during the director’s absence.

Responsibilities and Rights of Divisions

Division of International Cooperation

  • Develop cooperation plans for collaboration with organizations both domestically and internationally;
  • Coordinate with related organisations in order to facilitate international experts and students;
  • Monitor, evaluate, and report international cooperation activities to relevant organisations regularly;
  • Draft request letters for approvals for teachers, staff and students to do academic activities abroad;
  • Report international cooperation activities to the leadership board of the university;
  • Develop SWOT Analysis and request letters for approvals for the university to sign MOUs with other institutions and organisations;
  • And perform other activities assigned by the office management.

Division of International Expert, Volunteer and Student Management

  • Develop plans for managing international experts and students, and request for letters and certificates of appreciation for international experts and volunteers;
  • Facilitate international experts and students while they are working and studying at the university;
  • Prepare for welcoming, farewell and certificate of appreciation offering ceremonies for domestic and international experts;
  • Disseminate national culture and traditions;
  • Draft request letters for accepting international experts and students, and visa and ID card request letters from the departments and ministries concerned for them as well as dealing with their vacation leave;
  • Inspect, monitor, evaluate, and collect statistics and information of international experts and students periodically;
  • And perform other activities assigned by the office management.

Division of Administration and Ordinance

  • Prepare for memorandum of understanding signing ceremonies;
  • Coordinate with faculties, offices, and organisations within the university and other relevant departments;
  • Disseminate the university’s information domestically and internationally;
  • Develop plans, propose for office equipment, and deal with staff welfares for staffs working in the office;
  • Prepare documents for the university’s leadership board to attend conferences, seminars, and abroad field trips;
  • And perform other activities assigned by the office management.


  • The International Relations Office has the right to coordinate directly with offices, faculties, centers and the central library within University;
  • and oordinate with both the government and private sectors to organize and manage staffs.