economics and tourism

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Faculty Faculty of Economics and Tourism
Location Don Muum Village, 13th Street, North of Luang Prabang City and Province
Dean 1. Thongphan Chan Perman
2. Mrs. Vilayphon Somsamon
3. Mr. Jahue
Contact 030 5609 777

The board’s gift: To avoid falling rain, to make progress, to be active, to be strong, to make progress, to carry on, not to get sick.
Vision: To develop the academics of the Public Relations Court for a bright future
The study department has a total of 9 departments:
1. Department of Economics (ECO)
2. Department of International Trade ( INC )
3. Department of International Business (IBM)
4. Department of General Business (GBM)
5. Department of IT Business (ITB)
6. Department of Tourism Management (TMG)
7. Department of Hotel Management (HTL)
8. Department of Finance-Banking (FNB)
9. Department of Accounting (ACC)