accommodation and service

The Accommodation and Service Office


The Souphanouvong University was established under the decree of the Prime Minister Ref. No: 164/PM, dated on 4th November 2003. At that time there were 2 offices namely Administration Office and Academic Affairs Office, and there was an Accommodation and Service Division established under the decision Ref. No: 441/OPO.SU, dated on 14th June 2004. The division was under the management of Mr. Thongsouk PHONGDSAKOUN, who was the deputy director of the Administration Office. In 2007, he Accommodation and Service Office was established under the university President’s decision Ref. No: 1842/SU, dated on 1st November 2007, and Mr. Thongsouk PHONGDSAKOUN became the office director. The office was composed of 2 divisions including the division of Design-Construction and Maintenance Division and Asset Management Division. On 15 August 2008, the office director, Mr. Thongsouk PHONGDSAKOUN, was retired according to the decree Ref. No: 1853/ MOE.OPD2008, dated on 5th August 2008. After that Mr. Phaivanh DUANGPHACHANH became the director under the university president’s decision Ref. No: 941/SU.OPO, dated on 19th July 2008. He managed the office until 3rd July 2013. Mr. Singthong MANOLOD, the head of the Service-Maintenance Division because an interim director of the office based on the decision Ref. No: 1213/SU.OPO. In 20215, Mr. Chanh SENGPHET was promoted as the director of the office under the university president decision Ref. No: 13/SU.OPO, dated on 5th January 015.

Office Roles

The Accommodation and Service Office, “ASO in short”, is an administrative mechanism reporting to the university president regarding to accommodation management and service. It is a focal point in coordinating with faculties, offices, centers, institute, the library, and departments within the university and other external relevant organizations. The office consists of divisions: Construction and Maintenance Division, Asset Management Division, and Administration Division.


  • Educate the staff within the office on political ideology, dispositions, rules of laws, working ethics and values;
  • Integrate plans and projects relevant to accommodation management from faculties, offices, the library and centers; and put assets in the university’s inventory and create codes for them; and monitor and inspect the assets regularly;
  • Manage and develop plans for construction at the university in accordance with the standards and regulations of the university;
  • Monitor construction, repairing, renting, concession, electrical installation, running water installation, and wastewater system installation contracts;
  • Manage the university land use plans based on the land use law and the city plan.
  • Monitor, evaluate, integrate and report the implementation of the office activities to the university leadership board regularly.

    Staff Structure

    Responsibilities and Rights of the Accommodation and Service Office


The director is responsible for educating staff in the office on political ideology, characteristics, attitudes, and rules of laws, integrate accommodation management plans and projects, manage the university assets and land based on the land use law and city plan.

Deputy Director

The deputy director is responsible for tasks assigned by the director in managing the office when the director is not present.

Administration Division’s Responsibilities and Rights:

  • Act as the office secretary;
  • Manage incoming – outgoing documents.
  • Create documents;
  • Manage the office officer statistics;
  • Compile maps of faculties, offices, centers, libraries, and institute;
  • Create reports, and monthly, quarterly and annual plans;
  • And perform other activities assigned by the office management.

The Responsibilities and Rights of the Asset Management Division:

  • Utilise the land based on the master plan certified by University (the master plan and land use regulations of the university Ref. No: 5692/PWD-LB, dated on 18th October 2018)
  • Make asset plans and create codes inventory for the university;
  • Plan for land use and equipment supported by other organization;
  • Evaluate properties annually;
  • Monitor and manage equipment purchase and asset rental and transfer;
  • Conduct land concessions and university’s asset rents based on the public property law Ref. No: 09/NA, dated on 12th October 2002;
  • And perform other activities assigned by the office management.

The Responsibilities and Rights of the Construction and Maintenance Division

  • Develop strategic plans for the division based on the directions of the university management;
  • Survey, design, calculate, and estimate construction and maintenance costs and evaluate construction and repair costs;
  • Monitor construction contracts;
  • Repair and install the electricity system, water supply, electronic appliances, and facilities that have been considered and approved by university;
  • Manage electricity and water supply utilisation at the University;
  • Implement construction policies and regulations.